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Preparing Paws for Take-Off

We go through each of these steps to make sure that your pet is prepared for departure. This list is a good resource to familiarize yourself with as well.

Some tasks will involve you taking your pet to the veterinarian within certain time frams and preparing your pet for travel.

The first task is to make sure that you have a proper USDA and airline approved travel crate appropriate for your pet. For more information on selecting an Airline Approved Kennel/Pet Carrier - please refer to the Travel Crate section of our web site.

To be completed by your Veterinarian:


Travel Checklist Overview:

  • Disposable absorbent pad and another absorbent pad for return trip (if applicable)
  • Food & Water Cups attached to kennel door
  • Replace any missing kennel Nuts & Bolts
  • Replace Plastic Pegs with Metal Nuts Bolts
  • Use Cable Ties to secure Dial & Snap latch kennels
  • Temporary Pet ID hung on collar with up-to-date information
  • Rabies tag hung on collar
  • Current Photo of Pet
  • Kennel tag hung on Kennel's handle or door
  • Apply LIVE ANIMAL Stickers attached to kennel
  • Shippers Declaration Sticker attached to kennel
  • Pet food attached to kennel
  • Flight documents, itinerary and health records
  • Install or bring the hand-releasable cable ties to the airline check-in or cargo office


Food + Water Regulations:

Food should not be placed within the crate as it can be a choking hazard.

Any spare food must be attached to the container - enough for one meal should suffice.

A copy of feeding instructions must accompany shipment.

Any food or water given must be recorded on the container with date and time of offering.

It is best to feed a light meal prior to shipping. It is recommended a light meal 4 - 6 hours prior to dispatch. After adequate digestive time it is a good idea to give your pet plenty of exercise before cargo check-in.

Separate food and water dishes must be provided and attached to the container so that they are accessible for replenishment purposes.


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