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Domestic + International Document Review

Why have us review your pet's paperwork?

Just an incorrect entry of a microchip number, wrong formatting of the date entry, or choice of ink color can lead to unnecessary travel complications for your pet.

Each airline and country has its own set of regulations and requirements and these change frequently.

Our hassle-free process will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises en route and is an excellent precautionary step to avoid problems or costly delays.

Documentation problems can lead to:

  • refusal by the airline to accept your pet as cargo
  • denial of entry into your new country
  • expensive quarantine that could have been avoidable
  • confusion and delay in clearing customs in the destination country
  • unnecessary expenses or separation from your pet
  • return shipment of your pet to the country of export

Life Unleashed Pet Movers can unleash your worries and concerns as a do-it-yourself pet parent shipper. For a fee we will professionally review your pet's documents, travel crate size, and health certificates necessary for your pet's move.



Domestic Review: For moves within the USA - $75.00

International Review: $135.00 - $325.00 (pricing depends on destination and import requirements of the country)

Please send us an email at info@lifeunleashed.com for details and payment procedures. We accept all major credit cards and require payment in advance. Copies of all the documents are to be either scanned and emailed or faxed to us for review.


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