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FlyBuddy Service - We Fly With Your Pet!

Your Precious Pet Won't Have to Leave Home Alone!

Hire us as your pet's travel chaperone. Going international or domestic but wish your pet did not have to fly unaccompanied? We are available to fly with your pet to any destination around the world and will customize our travel to fit your pet's relocation needs.

Travel is stressful enough on your pet. Do you visualize your pet remaining behind due to flight delays or mix-ups? Wish you knew a pet travel professional that could accompany your pet as a carry on? Or travel with your pet to avoid shipping your pet as unattended cargo? No more worries ~ now your pet doesn't have to go it alone! We are pleased to offer our innovative and customized Fly Buddy Service. When you utilize our Fly Buddy Service we will fly anywhere in the United States or across the globe on the same flight as your pet.

We provide door to door service by picking up your pet at your home, checking your pet into either cargo or carrying on board with us (if pet size permits). fly with your pet on the airplane, clear pet thru customs, and deliver to your new home. It provides added peace of mind for unexpected delays in travel or when your pet may have to switch aircraft. You are not left to wonder if your pet is left behind and sitting in a crate unattended in some foreign airport. This pet travel service is truly living Life Unleashed!

Please email us directly for more information on this service for your pet.

e: info@lifeunleashed.com

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