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International Relocation - Off to a New Country


The Life Unleashed team of international experts specializes in preparing and planning all of the logistics and travel requirements for your pet's international relocation.

Each country has its own set of rules, requirements, and regulations for importing a pet and these change frequently. Some countries use a special health certificate, mandate a quarantine period, require import permits, or request certain vaccines or treatments be administered in advance.

Our company is approved as an Indirect Air Carrier by the TSA, is a member of IPATA, has received training in Pet First-Aid, and we are recognized by the USDA as professional animal handlers.

The Four Stages of International Pet Travel + Planning:

1. Travel Planning + Consulting - initial consultation of the process and what to expect and decide on necessary services

2. Door-to-Door Travel Logistics - IATA approved travel crate selection, arrange for pick-up and delivery to + from airport, flight research and booking for your pet on flights and on airlines that are best suited for your pet's well-being

3. Paperwork + Preparation - assist with health, rabies, country specific requirements, government endorsement, and other documents

4. Customs Clearance + Export / Import Permitting - import documentation and authorization, consulate legalization, quarantine arrangements, airport clearance + customs


The Life Unleashed Bone Voyage Travel Packet

Our International pet relocation service includes a customized travel packet for each pet. This packet is mailed to the person who will be taking the pet to the airport and preparing the pet for travel.

Sample of what the travel packet includes:

  • customized pet travel and country specific checklists for your pet
  • airport drop-off instructions and directions
  • Live Animal stickers
  • travel crate preparation procedures
  • your Pet's Flight Ticket or AWB
  • feeding, watering, and exercise instructions
  • pre-travel and post-travel advice
  • travel crate name tag sticker
  • our exclusive gift for your pet


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